Player Guide – Introduction

 Continent of Arcalonn Map

 Player Guide – Kingdoms and Factions

 Player Guide – Religions

 Journal of Abram Matthias

 Horrific Vision

Campaign elements

  • Character stats will use the point-buy method described in the players handbook
  • Feats are allowed
  • Humans can take the variant bonus at creation one feat in place of stat boost
  • Players will earn XP through combat, quests/missions, solving puzzles, completing objectives
  • Players can still earn XP in combat if they effectively disable or neutralize the threat in other non-lethel ways. Creative combat ideas are encouraged.
  • All players will have the same XP regardless of absenses etc.
  • Combat will follow the rules in the player’s handbook but creative ideas and solutions will be rewarded if deemed effective.
  • Players may nominate other players for inspiration but the GM will determine if that inspiration will be rewarded.
  • Players can re-roll a new character at any time (within reason). I would expect this would not happen more than once during the campaign, but could make exceptions depending on the case.
  • Sub-classes from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything are allowed
  • Spells from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything are allowed
  • Playable races (see player’s guide)
  • Players may purchase common items outside of the game if they are in or near a town
  • Carrying capacity is as outlined on page 176. 15x strength score. I will not be using the encumbrance rule.
  • Rest rules follow the normal short and long rest rules.

In-Game Features

  • You will be able to take carriages at major cities/towns to other major cities or towns on the route. This travel will be less susceptible to random encounters and faster but players will have to pay to ride.
  • Letter system: Players will be able to send messages to NPCs over long distances through couriers. Response time will vary based on distance. All cities and towns will have places to hire couriers either at a tavern or scribe guild.